King Joaquim Bermudez


Joaquim is not “happy” to be a vampire, and quite steadfast a believer of the Catholic faith. He fears the dark (and demonic) powers his line is known to truck with, which is a constant source of shame he deals with. More than a few younger and weak-blooded clan mates who push the issue have been beaten into torpor due to his wrath. His humble nature makes him a favorite of his grandsire, but his ‘weak’ faith makes him a target to more ruthless Kindred within his clan and out. King Joaquim sees keeping the baser desires of his fellow Kindred in check as his divine duty, and is always looking out for noble kindred of any line or generation to serve as Crusaders of a Kindred Order he hopes to found. He is distrustful of Islamic Faithful, as he spent much of his early years in conflict with Muslim Kindred. Judaic Faithful tend to arouse less suspicion in him, but tenants of their faith still causes some concern with him.

Regent Alvany, Chamberlain of the King
Ibrahim, Ambassador to the Ashirra
Sir Reginald, Master of Elysium

Relevant Information:
Status 6 (King of Sardinia); Status 2 (Lasombra)
Childe of Montano, Childe of Lasombra (5th Generation)
Road of Heaven 8

King Joaquim Bermudez

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