Lady Minerva


The obvious “black mark” on Joaquim’s rule is the snake in his garden, the decadent graverobber who was once his loyal ghoul and, some even whisper, lover. Joaquim believed her to have been murdered during a particularly vicious conflict between himself and the Assamites, something he did not forgive until her reappearance in his court. Her embrace into the clan of Cappadocius did not phase him; one of his most loyal judges had been a necromancer. It was her “faith” that did; she had been seduced by the scholars of Via Peccati to adopt their perverted beliefs. Regardless, her return turned the tide against the Assamites, as she wielded potent magic against them, and was supported by a strange woman who was as loyal to her as she had been to Joaquim. Claiming to be the childe of his once-loyal judge, and stating he had betrayed Joaquim by embracing her and aligning with the Saracens, she reaffirmed her blood oath with Joaquim in exchange for being made Judge of her sire’s domain. Rumors abound that she wishes to turn him to her wicked ways, but Joaquim’s bearing is as faithful as it ever was.

Octavia, Inquisitor of Logudoro

Relevant Information:
Status 5 (Judge of Logudoro)
Path of Pleasure 7

Lady Minerva

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