Dark Ages

Sardinia by Torchlight

There is a single undead “King” of Sardinia, a potent Lasombra and grandchilde of Montano known as Joaquim Bermudez. With ample support of the Amici Noctis, and in no small part due to his lineage, Bermudez has held onto the throne through various mortal upheavals. He is aided in ruling the island through the administration of four “judges” of the ‘Giudicati” that the territory is carved into. Each has their own court, full of vampires seeking to supplant each other, and like their vassals, the judges are thought to seek to topple Bermudez’s hold on Sardinia one way or another. It is due to his canny politicking that Bermudez keeps the many wolves at his gate sated long enough to keep power, but that he has impressed many among the Amici Noctis, as well as the neonates and ancillae that all pledge fealty to him.

Dramatis Personae

King Joaquim Bermudez (6th Generation Lasombra; Road of Heaven) is not “happy” to be a vampire, and quite steadfast a believer of the Catholic faith. He fears the dark (and demonic) powers his line is known to truck with, which is a constant source of shame he deals with. More than a few younger and weak-blooded clan mates who push the issue have been beaten into torpor due to his wrath. His humble nature makes him a favorite of his grandsire, but his ‘weak’ faith makes him a target to more ruthless Kindred within his clan and out. King Joaquim sees keeping the baser desires of his fellow Kindred in check as his divine duty, and is always looking out for noble kindred of any line or generation to serve as Crusaders of a Kindred Order he hopes to found. He is distrustful of Islamic Faithful, as he spent much of his early years in conflict with Muslim Kindred. Judaic Faithful tend to arouse less suspicion in him, but tenants of their faith still causes some concern with him.

Deondre (8th Generation Brujah, Path of Chivalry; Judge of Arborea) is the youngest (in age and generation) of Joaquim’s judges, yet also his most loyal, a fact that makes up for much of his supposed weakness. Born within the last hundred years, Deondre was embraced on the battlefield by a more revolution-minded Zealot who had thoughts of taking revenge for Carthage. When Deondre was too ‘delicate’ for such rebellion, he was cast aside. Scrapping together rough tenants of the Code of Chivalry, Deondre sought education on the path in the Courts of Love. At the turn of the century, he was sent as an envoy to King Joaquim, who saw something in the boy. After arranging for him to serve as his herald in exchange for unknown boon to the Court of Love, he acted as his eyes and ears throughout the Giudicati. Deondre is thought to have personally destroyed a judge who was planning rebellion against the King, causing King Joaquim to use his influence among the island’s elders to support his promotion to new Judge. They see him as an easy enough pawn to manipulate, given his word being his bond. In truth, Deondre has taken to rule better than most would expect.

Dimitri (7th Generation “Dracul” Tzimisce, Road of Kings, Judge of Gallura) is an exile from his homeland who has taken hold of ancestral holdings once adjudicated by a branch of the Grimaldi Revenant Family in the area. The Omen War forced him to kowtow to the Voivodes and surrender his lands to the efforts against the Tremere, something that he is still very disappointed in. His presence in Sardinia began before Bermudez declared his Kingship, and Dimitri cast his lots with the Shadow in an effort to legitimize his claim on the domain of Gallura, as well as solidify his influence over the Grimaldi in the area, who for decades prior had wasted too much time feuding with the Giovanni across the sea. Dimitri sees Sardinia as his for the taking, and his alliance with Bermudez as temporary.

Lady Minerva (9th Generation Cappadocian, Path of Pleasure; Judge of Logudoro) is the obvious “black mark” on Joaquim’s rule, the ever-present snake in his garden, the decadent graverobber who was once his loyal ghoul and, some even whisper, lover. Joaquim believed her to have been murdered during a particularly vicious conflict between himself and the Assamites, something he did not forgive until her reappearance in his court. Her embrace into the clan of Cappadocius did not phase him, as one of his most loyal judges had been a necromancer. No, it was her “faith” that did; she had been seduced by the scholars of Via Peccati to adopt their perverted beliefs. Regardless, her return turned the tide against the Assamites, as she wielded potent magic against them, and was supported by a strange woman who was as loyal to her as she had been to Joaquim. Claiming to be the childe of his once-loyal judge, and stating he had betrayed Joaquim by embracing her and aligning with the Saracens, she reaffirmed her blood oath with Joaquim in exchange for being made Judge of her sire’s domain. Rumors abound that she wishes to turn him to her wicked ways, but Joaquim’s bearing is as faithful as it ever was. Those who bring up her failure to corrupt him often find themselves harassed by all manner of undead.

Gerard (5th Generation Nosferatu, Road of Humanity (Default), Judge of Cagliari) was not made a judge by Joaquim so much has allowed Joaquim to name him such; Gerard’s warren runs deep in the depths of Sardinia, allowing for Nosferatu to come and go as they please. Had he any real desire to rule, Gerard would be Joaquim’s biggest rival. Thankfully, Gerard has other intentions, such as the protection of his numerous kin, and is an ally to the Magister’s court. When Gerard would have words, Joaquim listens, and when Gerard needs assistance, Joaquim often provides it.

Dark Ages

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