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There is a single undead “King” of Sardinia, a potent Lasombra and grandchilde of Montano known as Joaquim Bermudez. With ample support of the Amici Noctis, and in no small part due to his lineage, Bermudez has held onto the throne through various mortal upheavals. He is aided in ruling the island through the administration of four “judges” of the ‘Giudicati” that the territory is carved into. Each has their own court, full of vampires seeking to supplant each other, and like their vassals, the judges are thought to seek to topple Bermudez’s hold on Sardinia one way or another. It is due to his canny politicking that Bermudez keeps the many wolves at his gate sated long enough to keep power, but that he has impressed many among the Amici Noctis, as well as the neonates and ancillae that all pledge fealty to him.

Dramatis Personae

King Joaquim Bermudez – The Ruler of Sardinia, Pious Shadow
Deondre – Judge of Arborea, Chivalrous Brujah
Dimitri – Judge of Gallura, Exiled Dragon
Lady Minerva – Judge of Logudoro, Decadent Graverobber
Gerard – Judge of Cagliari, Monstrous Elder
Vulpes Negra – The Resistance Against Civilization

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