Recent History
A short timeline of events before the game's start...


In the last century, there were two major conflicts that kept Sardinia from any sort of stability as a domain:

  • The Lupines warred with all sorts of beings they considered “evil,” chief among them being those with Cainite blood. The packs so desired to keep Sardinia free from Cainite influence due to the large amount of mines that contained silver ore, an essential mineral for any conflicts against them. They also protected sites considered holy to their rites, though oddly enough their mere presence seemed to cause whatever magics that were present to fade away.
  • A monastery held firmly by a branch of Grimaldi revenants were barely able to protect their lands from the Lupines when Venetian necromancers sought to possess their lands and their libraries. Without support from their patrons, the monastery was bound for eradication from Sardinia.

However, within the last fifty years, something decimated the Lupines. Their numbers were so low, and their forces stretched so thin, that the various Cainites across the lands were united by one solitary figure who possessed the resources and force-of-personality to finally drive them off the island. This individual was Joaquim Mendez, a Lasombra from the Court of Shadows who sought to make his own domain where none would bother him. When the last Lupine was personally executed by Mendez, he declared himself King of the Island, and elevated several other Kindred to the position of “guidicati” or “judge” to aid in the administration of his new domain.

Unfortunately, the end of the “Lupine Wars” quickly ushered in “the Fatwa,” and saw many Cainites of the Ashirra try to take Sardinia from the newly christened “King Joaquim” as a springboard into Europe. Many of his erstwhile allies either lent no support in Sardinia’s defense or outright betrayed him, casting their lots with the Ashirra. It was only through the support of allies few believed him to possess, those being the Warlocks of Clan Tremere, that Joaquim finally brought stability to Sardinia. Now he welcomes all who practice faith he considers “acceptable,” and the last decade of relative peace has possibly softened his dead heart to treatise from other factions of Cainites.


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